Thyristor soft starter (TSS)

Thyristor soft starter (TSS) is a controlled thyristor frequency convertor based on the Load Commutated Inverter (LCI) configuration. It consists of the some standard metal cubicles including: smoothing reactor, input and output current limiting reactors, rectifier inverter and also control cabinet (see photo). TSS provides the soft and synchronous start of the motors limiting the starter current up to 0.31.2 of the rated value Irated, its runway up to the rated speed, the synchronization with the supply net and unstressed switching to the net.

The TSS ratings:

  • Voltage from 1 to 15,75 kV
  • Power of the motor/generator up to 220 MW
  • Number of machines for series soft start - up to 15

TSS provides the soft frequency start of the excited motor without the rotor position pickup (the starting position of the rotor is determined by the control system). The runway up to 5 Hz is in the mode of forced inverter commutation by switching the rectifier into inverter mode then the inverter switches to the mode of natural commutation and thus the speed rate is maintained according to the setting. The soft starter can force the value of the starting current (if needed for heavy loads) up to two Irated. The synchronization with the net is made automatically according to the three parameters of the voltage: value, frequency and phase. That is why the motor switching to the net doesnt cause any disturbance in the power system and in the motor.

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