TTR-04W-24 Tripod Turnstile for outdoor application

The TTR-04W-24 tripod is designed for outdoor applications (under shelter) or in facilities without climate control. A combination of elegant looks and proven high reliability over many years of operation makes this turnstile a perfect fit for ski resorts.

Delivery set

  • turnstile
  • remote control panel
  • remote control unit with a built-in power supply

The turnstile includes a housing and a remote control unit with a built-in standby power supply (SPS).

The housing has an additional anti-corrosion coating and a built-in thermocontrol system to keep the inside temperature above 0 °C so that the turnstile can be used in sub-zero conditions. The housing is suitable for operation at ambient temperatures from - 40°С to + 40°С.

The built-in thermocontrol system keeps the temperature inside the turnstile housing at the preset level.

The standby power supply built into the control unit is provided with a lead-acid backup battery to maintain proper operation of the turnstile for 4 hours or 1000 passages in case of the power failure. Once the main power is restored, the battery automatically starts being recharged.

Technical Specifications:
Power supply220V AC / 50Hz
Operational voltage12V DC
Operational voltage for thermocontrol system24V AC
Throughput capacity (in the single passage mode)30 persons/min
housing with barrier arms870x810x1050 mm
Passage width600 mm
Ingress Protection Rating:
housingIP42 under EN 60525
control unitIP40 under EN 60525
Operating temperature range:
housingfrom -40 °C to +40 °C
control unitfrom + 1 °С to +40 °С

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Made in Zelenograd

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