UIC1606 is a 8006003 pixel colour image sensor array with built-in video processing capabilities. The sensor is manufactured using standard CMOS (0.18 micron) technology and does not use an external mosaic colour filter.

The implemented colour separation technology is based on detecting photogenerated carriers originating from different depths of the silicon structure. High-quality colour images provided by the 3 colours in 1 pixel (3-in-1) technology are equivalent to those produced by a 2 Mpix (16001200 pixels) standard Bayer-pattern matrix. The 3-in-1 technology also offers a special high-sensitivity black-and-white mode.

The built-in video processor performs geometric noise reduction, black point compensation, sampling window control, mirroring, decimation, scanning direction selection, and other functions.


  • Output data format: RAW RGB 10 bit, max 640x512x3, Bayer filter imitation, max 1280x1024 (SXGA)
  • Windowing: a window for the vertical/horizontal image output can be chosen
  • Minimal window size 1616 pixels
  • Black/white mode of higher sensitivity
  • In-built 3-channel 10-bit pipeline ADC
  • Progressive scan
  • In-built amplifier with variable gain~ (0.5 3.0)
  • I2C-compatible control interface. By programming the internal register sets via I2C compatible serial con-trol bus, it set on-chip the exposure time, window size and position adjustment, programmable offset and gain control in each color channel, programmable timing diagram and control of reference voltages.
  • Sensitivity 2.0 V/Lux?sec
  • Signal/noise ratio45 dB (75% of saturation)
  • Maximum Image Transfer Rate 30 fps
  • Maximum Exposition Interval 16384 ? tROW
  • The choice of lower resolution mode and/or smaller window results in higher maximal frame frequency
  • Power Supply (Analog / Core / I/O) 2.5V / 2.5V / 3.3V
  • Power Consumption < 75 mW


  • PC- and Web-cameras
  • Mobile phones
  • Videoconferencing
  • Videophones
  • Toys
  • Security systems
  • Control systems


  • CLCC-48
  • PLCC-48
  • PLCC-28

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