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UM16 is designed in modular approach which enables to form specific working area by choosing necessary number of modules and their placing for specific target. UM16 contains control module, transmitter and 3-16 receiver modules. Twisted pair cable RJ-45 connector is used to connect modules. Modules can be fixed on any surface.


UM16 device operation principle is based on transit time of ultrasonic signal between mobile transmitter module and several receiver modules accurate measurement.

It is necessary to use transmitter module with three ultrasonic senders for 6 DOF measurements. A cheaper version with one ultrasonic transmitter could be used only for coordinate measurement. Control module synchronizes work of the device and transmits information from receiver modules to PC. Preliminary calibration should be done after mounting UM16 device. The calibration module and service software are required in order to do the calibration. It's possible to calibrate any quantity of UM16 systems by one calibration module.

UM-16 Implementation

  • Visualization in virtual reality systems. 3D stage could be represented in relation with viewer's head position and orientation.
  • The capacity of the tracking systems allows the use of technology in many areas where you want to track movement and orientation of an object in space with high accuracy. Ideal solution to determine user's or object's position and orientation both in industrial solutions and in professional civil and military auto and aviation simulators.
  • In ergonomic research to analyze operator's behavior by means of recording his head movement.
  • The tracking technology in medicine: with help of the tracking and positioning systems the range of different objects can be traced, its movements and orientations accurately recorded, for example: movement of the patient, with further playback and statistical analysis; angle of the joints; diagram of the patient movements at the beginning of treatment, within treatment period and at the end (after certain time intervals).
UM-16 characteristics
Coordinate systemabsolute
Coordinate accuracy± 1 mm
Angle accuracy± 1°
Working areaup to 20 sq.m
Operating Temperature:10°C to 40°C (50°F to 140°F)
Operating Humidity:10% to 90% non-condensing
Working distances between transmitter module and receiver modules0.2 3.0m or 0.05 1.0m (distance band is set by DIP switch on the receiver module)
Transmitter module dimension:135×125×30mm, weight no more than 100g
Receiver module dimension:76×51×35mm, weight no more than 100g
Control module dimension:111×85×30mm, weight no more than 200g
Power consumption2.2 to 7.0W (depends on number of receiver modules)
Power supplyexternal DC power supply:
-USB version 4.5 6.5V
-CAN version 9 40V
Frame rate (depends on working area geometry)10 to 160 fps
External PC connection interfaceCAN, USB, RS232, RS422, RS485
Operational systemWindows XP/ Widows Vista/ Windows 7

The following software is supplied with UM-16 device

  • Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 drivers
  • Initial installation and calibration software
  • SDK
  • Demo programs

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