The USB cable with the chip inside is not a passive extension cable. It is an active device. The USB signals going in and out of this extension cable in both directions are buffered to assure signal quality. Unlike passive USB cables the IC prevents signal degradation. The embedded intelligent integrated circuit cleans, amplifies USB signal and watches USB 2.0 protocol. Its Control State Machine enables and disables USB and Cable transmitters inside the chip depending on USB signals.


The USB 2.0 active extension cable complies with USB 2.0 specifications governing the design of high-speed, full-speed and low-speed USB devices. However, Unique ICs does not guarantee that all full speed USB devices are compatible with the USB 2.0 active extension cable.


  • Compliant with USB 2.0 specification
  • Provides support for high-speed (480/s), full-speed (12 Mb/s) or low-speed (1.5 Mb/s) USB device
  • Allows a USB device to have its cable length extended up to 19 meters
  • Embedded USB 2.0 Transceivers prevents signal loss
  • Low cost in comparison with extension of cable using Hubs
  • Power (VCC) and ground (GND) Wire Size: 24AWG
  • USB Signal lines (DP and DM) Wire Size: 28 AWG, Stranded-Twisted Pair, 90 Ohm Characteristic Impedance
  • Downstream connector: Female, Type A, USB Approved Connector
  • Upstream connector: Male, Type A, USB Approved Connector


  • WEB-camera
  • Surveillance camera
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Mice, Keyboard
  • Etc.

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