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US1-01 - Ultrasonic Cleaners the systems for medical tools ultrasonic pre-sterilizing cleaning

The source of ultrasonic vibration - US resonator - is fixed to the cover and a grooved metal reflector is put on the bottom of the tank with the purpose both to improve acoustic field uniformity and increase processing efficiency. The level of solution is to be constant to provide plate emitting surface acoustic contact.

Ultrasound upper arrangement is USO Cleaner`s MEDEL advantage possibility in principle and this technical solution significantly differs it from the traditional USO Cleaner types with bottom arrangement of the ultrasonic bath.

USO Cleaners of ELAMED company designed on the bases of EDPO serial plastic tank-containers for disinfection and pre-sterilization cleaning provides the possibility of their interchange in the process of medical articles treatment and has number of positive effects: improve of process conditions resulting in infection risk considerable reduction and increase of treatment process efficiency.

USO Cleaners operate from a.c. power supply mains frequency 50Hz., voltage 220 (-10%; +10%) V or 230 (-10%; +6%)

  • Power consumption, max. 200VA.
  • Working ultrasound frequency - 22 (+ 1,6; - 1,7) kHz.
  • Emitting acoustic power range from 75W to 110W
  • Treatment time interval setting range for USO5-01, USO10-01 from 1 to 20 min., for USO1-01, USO3-01 from 1 to 10 min., setting interval -1 min., setting value relative deviation, max. 5%

Overall dimensions including recommended stand, max.:

  • US1-01-MEDEL - 360550500 mm
  • US3-01- MEDEL - 360600500 mm
  • US5-01- MEDEL - 450650500 mm
  • US10-01- MEDEL - 550750500 mm

Weight, max. 10 kg.

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