Main features and advantages of VChRP:

  • Development of VChRP is concentrated in the territory of the Zelenograd Federal Special Economic Zone; the project is approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development and Trade; production is situated in the Instrinskiy district of the Moscow region; VChRP passed certification under GOST-R (the Russian state standard) and approved by the expert opinion of the Electric Power Industry Research Institute (OJSC) confirming compliance of functional parameters of the converters to industry requirements and operating conditions at electric power enterprises in Russia
  • VChRP are developed using one-transformer scheme, what results in: simple installation and connection; compact size of the drive; low input harmonics and clean output sinusoid; no input or output filters required; high performance factor, high cos ?; full drive control during operation.
  • Implementation of VChRP is a part of an integrated package of services that includes project development, engineering consulting, commissioning operations and training of personnel.

Implementation of frequency-regulated drives allows:

  • to save up to 50% of electric power by providing the optimum production performance factor;
  • to eliminate hydraulic impacts in the piping system and breakdown of gear wheels and transmission belts;
  • to assure engine hot start in order to eliminate downtime of the equipment when waiting for natural cooling of engine stator coils;
  • to preserve engine control during short-term blackouts;
  • to reduce ageing of costly technological and electric equipment, elevate reliability, extent lifetime, and downsize repair and maintenance expenses, as well as to minimize emergency downtime;
  • to reduce the amount of noise;
  • to improve production quality and reduce losses by adjustment of performance for each specific production process;
  • to increase production automation level and flexibility of computer control;
  • to collect, process and store drive operation data;
  • to implement all types of equipment protection from emergency operating conditions.

Main control functions:

  • both local and remote control is supported
  • control actions can be initiated by 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V signals, from the operator console, using discrete moreless signals
  • control over RS485 interface; open protocols MODBUS, PROFIBUS, Ethernet, etc. are available as an option
  • PID controller for maintenance of desired pressure, temperature, etc.

Main protection functions:

  • frequency converter short-circuit and overload protection
  • unallowable current overload protection (integrally dependent)
  • frequency converter overheat protection
  • input transformer overheat protection
  • internal and external switching overvoltage protection
  • IGBT transistor power cell breakdown protection
  • frequency converter control circuits corruption protection
  • ventilation failure protection
  • unallowable line undervoltage protection
  • unallowable line overvoltage protection
  • supply voltage phase inversion protection
  • reverse rotor rotation protection
  • phase dropout protection
  • unallowable rotation speed increase protection

VChRP has an advanced diagnostics system that allows to locate problems inside the electric drive at functional part level in case of the protection system actuation.

In case of failure in an IGBT power cell, the electric drive is NOT switched off. IGBT power cells have a bypass function. If a certain IGBT power cell fails, e.g., there occurs a fuse blowing, IGBT failure or overheating, this particular IGBT cell goes into bypass mode, and the control system adjusts phase angles in order to restore balance of the voltage triangle. When an IGBT power cell enters bypass mode, the frequency converter automatically boosts output voltage of working power modules in order to maintain the required output parameters.

Power circuit input voltage (without performance loss)3-phase; 3000, 6000, 10000 V, 10%
Power circuit input voltage(with performance loss)3-phase; 3000, 6000, 10000 V, +15% 35%
Power circuit frequency5~65 Hz (50/60 Hz, 10% )
Frequency adjustment range0-120 Hz
Frequency maintenance accuracy0.01 Hz
Start/stop time0.1 to 3000 sec. (adjustable parameter)
Overload capacity120% for 1 min.; 150% for 3 sec.; 200% for 10 ?sec.
Power circuit output voltage3-phase; 6000 V
Power factor95% and more at nominal speed
Analogue input2 channels, 0~10V/4~20mA (option)
Analogue output2 channels, 0~10V/4~20mA (option)
Discrete input/output signals4 in input/12 in output
Data transfer protocolsMODBUS (RS485), (optional: DSC, Profibus, Etnernet, etc.)
Controlling deviceIndustrial touch-screen PC
Protection levelIP20
EnclosureCabinet-type, two-side servicing, BOTTOM cable input
CoolingForced air-cooling by built-in fans
Operating temperature0 to +40
Storage/transportation temperature40 to +70
Cooling methodForced air-cooling
Humidity, max.90% (non-condensing)
Altitude, max.1000 m
Vibration, max.0.5g at 1050Hz
InstallationUHL. 4, Climate specification and installation category (cold-temperature climate; closed heated room with ambient air temperature 0 to +40)

Dimensions and weight

Voltage class 3000 V
Abbreviated nameDrive capacity, kWLength, mm (L)Width, mm ()Height, mm ()Weight, kg
HVFC - 03/1004003150120026343300
HVFC - 03/1506303752120026344400
HVFC - 03/2008004154120026345400
HVFC - 03/24010004154120026345900
HVFC - 03/30012504956120026347500
HVFC - 03/40016005256120026347800
HVFC - 03/50020006456150029349000
HVFC - 03/600250064561500293410000
Voltage class 6000 V
Abbreviated nameDrive capacity, kWLength, mm (L)Width, mm ()Height, mm ()Weight, kg
HVFC - 06/0352503625120026343900
HVFC - 06/0453153625120026344300
HVFC - 06/0554003625120026344300
HVFC - 06/065 5003925120026344700
HVFC - 06/075 6303925120026344700
HVFC - 06/1008004552120026345700
HVFC - 06/12010004552120026346000
HVFC- 06/15012505254120026347900
HVFC - 06/20016005254120026348600
- 06/26020006358120026349500
- 06/320250069601300263412200
- 06/400315069601400263413100
- 06/500 400093661500293418000
- 06/600500093661500293420000
Voltage class 10000 V
Abbreviated nameDrive capacity, kWLength, mm (L)Width, mm ()Height, mm ()Weight, kg
HVFC - 10/0253154554120026345100
HVFC - 10/0354004554120026345500
HVFC - 10/0405004554120026345700
HVFC - 10/0456304554120026345900
HVFC - 10/0658004554120026346400
HVFC - 10/07510004854130026347000
HVFC - 10/09012505754130026348000
HVFC - 10/10014006054130026348400
HVFC- 10/12016006054130026348800
HVFC - 10/140 ()- 418006054130026349200
HVFC - 10/150 ()- 4200068581400263410400
HVFC - 10/185 ()- 4250068581400263411000
HVFC - 10/260 ()- 4315090661500263423000
HVFC - 10/300 ()- 4400093661500293425000
HVFC - 10/400 ()- 4500093661500293427000

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