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ELVIS-PLUS offers VPN ZASTAVA product family that is intended for:

1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology implementation and information security at the network level. It is suitable for state and commercial organizations of any size. VPN ZASTAVA products give an opportunity to embody system approach to information security problems and to put corporate Information Security Concept into practice.

ZASTAVA products represent software complexes that are installed on workstations of secured network in order to create a secured perimeter of a corporate VPN.

The main characteristics of ZASTAVA products are the following:

  • End-to-end secure connections between users and applications;
  • User-friendly products no special prior training is needed;
  • Transparency for infrastructure there is no need to embed VPN in software or change the working order of applications;
  • Compatibility with existing VPN products based on IPsec, authentication systems. PKI and network management systems;
  • Real-time centralized managing center. Management process means generation of the common interaction logic on the base of object approach and doesnt require development of local security policies for every VPN-device.

All VPN ZASTAVA features mentioned above give an opportunity to reduce deployment and maintenance expenses for corporate information security system.

VPN ZASTAVA products have all necessary state certificates.

2. Information security supervision for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP (ZASTAVA Inspector).

3. Management of VPN/FW ZASTAVA 3.3 agents as well as Cisco (IOS/PIX) and Check Point FW-1/VPN-1 VPN/FW-agents (ZASTAVA Security Manager). The mentioned products use similar cryptographic algorithms - 3DES and RSA and support IPSec data flows.

ZASTAVA products have already been deployed (more than 500 installations) in a number of largest Russian state, finance and manufacturing structures (The Central Bank of the Russian Federation - Bank of Russia, United Energy System of Russia - RAO UES, Russian Aluminum Company - RUSAL, State Corporation "Agency for Restructuring Credit Organizations" - ARCO, Rostelecom, etc.) and proved to be reliable and convenient solutions for distributed corporations.

More information on ZASTAVA products is presented at www.zastava.ru (Russian version only) and also available upon request.

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