ZETLab instruments are designed for visualization, spectral analysis, measuring electrical parameters, generating, recording and playing back signals from the input channel of the spectrum analyzers, and ADC-DAC boards:

  • signal visualization;
  • signal analysis
  • measurement of electrical parameters of signals
  • capturing frequency characteristics
  • signal generation
  • signal recording and playback
  • processing
  • aids
  • configuration tools
  • ZETScope oscilloscope software
  • ZETLab for real instruments


The ZETView SCADA system is an advanced graphical programming environment in which you can create flexible and scalable measurement, control and testing applications quickly and inexpensively. It is a system for collecting and processing data from devices connected to a personal computer. It is also designed to automate the control of technological processes.

ZETView combines the flexibility of a traditional programming language with interactive technology. Just assemble a block diagram of your experiment from the set of existing virtual instruments, describe the procedure and sequence of actions in Visual Basic or Visual C++ scripts, place the visualization and control elements in the control window and work on your virtual instrument. The virtual instruments can be run autonomously without the ZETView programming environment, which greatly simplifies use and training to work with virtual instruments. Thanks to these features, both novices and experts can quickly and easily create applications in ZETView. The intuitive graphical programming process allows you to pay more attention to solving measurement and control problems and less to programming.

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